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Friday, October 17, 2003

Hello again. I have added quite a bit to my blog today. I have added comments and a counter to keep track of have many adoring fans I have. I also saw that my link to Ali's site did not work. Apparently my HTML skills just are not that good. The site is . This has been a pretty good Friday so far. I finally, after 2 years of waiting, got my own office today! After work I am going to go throw some darts at my favorite hangout, the Wellington, with some buddies. Later on I believe seeing "School of Rock" is on the list of things to do. My heart goes out to all of you Sox fans. I was talking with my buddy Matt this morning about it and came up with this: "You know why the communists had all of the USSR? They could buy all the best players." I guess that explains how I feel about the Yankees, fuckin' commies. Hope all of you have a good weekend. I sure plan to. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. Till' Monday. OMGISFW....
Thursday, October 16, 2003

Welcome back y'all. As proof that I never accomplish my plans as I intend, I missed my second post yesterday. Oh well. A lot of things have happened since my first post. First off FUCK the Marlins. Ok, that should cover that. Second off while my friends have been watching the Cubs in their downward spiral, I have been very entertained. First I went with my wonderful girlfriend, Brie, and saw "Kill Bill", the new Tarintino movie. WOW. If you like Samurai flicks you will love this film. If you like Quintin, Uma, or Lucy you will love this film. If you have a pulse you will probably at least like this film. Great plot, nice story design, awesome blood and gore, and even a little bit of anime. Awesome. The day after I was very entertained as well. Brie and I met up with Ali and Jeremy at the Death Cab for Cutie show. Brie is a gigantic DCFC fan and she loved it. I thought their set was ok, but the real show stealer was the opening band, "The Long Winters". For more info on this great band check out Ali's cool blog site at This reaffirms what has been happening to me a lot over the past 2 years. I will go to a show to see a band I know, and will end up being blown away by the opener who I have never heard of before. I like this trend. Hearing new great music for the first time, especially live, is one of the few truly great pleasures in life. So until tomorrow, go out and find a show of a band you have never heard and check it out. They may suck ass, they may be your new favorite...
Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Welcome to "So there I was, in the Congo" the new blog documenting the life and times of me, Byron. I think that it is appropriate to start off this page with an explanation of the title. It all started when I would have nothing to say or wanted to say something ridiculous to come back to a previously made ridiculous comment. It started off as just "So there I was, in the Congo", but soon it started to take shape as it's own little story. Soon it morphed into "So there I was, the Congo. My gun was drawn. Charlie was all around". This became a little more intriguing so people wanted to know what happened in the battle between me and "Charlie". Then started the real stories, completely ficticious accounts about my time with Charlie in the Congo, sometimes they would be tied into what was really happening sometimes, not. One such story went some thing like this:
" So there I was, in the Congo. My gun was drawn. Charlie was all around. We took to the trees for cover but before we knew it we were surrounded. Being as we had no hope of surviving in the trees, we ran branch to branch like some sick cross between Tarzan, some Swiss Family member Robinson, and a retarded ring-tailed lemur. We dove into the river in hopes of evading our hunters but we were dismayed to find a new foe, a giant Anaconda. This was very disheartening. So out of the river we went onto the banks of the other side thinking we finally had some solace. And then the monkeys came."
For some reason that I am not quite sure of "And then the monkeys came." just sounds ominous. This is a short summary of how I have amused myself and hopefully others in those lulls in conversation. If this has amused you and you would like more please come back and visit. Thanks for playing.

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