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Thursday, October 30, 2003

So there I was back in the bunker today. Nothing quite says boredom like being in a 200x200 raised floor room that is all bright white with 1 other person sitting way in the corner, all day. Although I was justly rewarded when I left. On my day drive home I rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof, and jammed hard to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground "Loaded". WOW. Talk about one of my favorite all time TOP FIVE albums. That leads to today's band of the day! The Velvet Underground. They have sampled and imitated but no one is as cool as Lou Reed. Wow. As I sit here I am being mocked my Matt saying that Lou Reed is not the coolest. Well he is just plain wrong. That's right kids I am not broadcasting from the home base today. Today "In the Congo" should actually be "In Sprungonia". Scary place. Oh well, enough of that. Back to Lou Reed. "Sweet Jane", track two on "Loaded" has got to be one of my favorite songs. In fact if I am allowed to procreate, my daughter, named Jane. And if I ever get a ferret, he will be named Lou. but that's for different reasons. I wonder If I can get a ferret with a purple Mohawk...
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Welcome back everyone to day three in what I hope will be a week of constant updates just like oral sex and the weather channel. So I was driving around downtown this afternoon during my lunch break listening to NPR (I am an NPR junkie) and Terrie Gross on "Fresh Aire" was interviewing Joe Pernice about his new book "Meat is Murder". This book is part of a new series of books call the Thirty Three and a Third series. These books are semi autobiographical novels by musicians about how a great album affects the life of the protagonist. This has got to be the most brilliant idea I have ever heard of! To quote my favorite movie: "Call me shallow, Movies, Music, Books, these things matter". I am going to run to the book store right after work and pick the first one up. I Urge you all to do the same.
This, once again, segues into my next order of business, the band of the day. I thought that in honor of the great idea and book listed above, today's Band of the Day is The Smiths. Before Radiohead was crooning out songs about teen angst, alienation, depression, and self-loathing another band from across the pond has perfected it. Led by a self proclaimed gay celibate man (I wonder if he was Episcopalian?), The Smiths wrapped up an entire generation. Although I may be a little young to have seen it first hand, I think that if my parents had been a little cooler I would have been jamming to "Meat is Murder" with my little purple Mohawk on the way home from kindergarten....
Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Ha ha, two days in a row. Who would have thought? Welcome back to another exciting day in the congo. Well I must admit that today is not all that exciting. I mean it still is Tuesday. However I do have big plans this evening of beating Zelda after work and starting the new game I just procured: "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", this should be good stuff. After that I will most likely spend a low key evening with Brie.
Now on to bigger and more exciting things, the band, or in this case artist, of the day! Today I have chosen Beth Orton. One of her latest CDs, "Daybreaker" is in constant rotation with me. Her other albums like "Central Reservation" and "Trailer Park" are also quite good. I hope you all are enjoying the album pictures I have been posting to decorate, as you can tell, they are ripped right off of good ole Amazon. Which coincidentally I am told has more anacondas than the Congo does, who would have thought, certainly not me...
Back to Beth for a second, she has thoughtful and intelligent lyrics and interesting collaborations (ala Ryan Adams... If you into cocky alt county, which I kinda am...). I think y'all will enjoy her. Until tomorrow keep those horizons expanding...~bs!
Monday, October 27, 2003

So after a week of inactivity I am back. All of you who were wondering if Charlie had won, I assure you that is not the case. However I am pleased to regale you tales from the past week. First off I broke down and got a GameCube so I can play Zelda. This has been the majority of my week. The graphics are awesome and the story is great. All in all, a good time. This weekend on the other hand was a little more active. After having drinks at everyone's favorite pretensious club, "The Red Room" (personally, I don't see exactly what is so red about it...) and seeing some old friends I slept until 6 PM the next day when I got up, showered, ate and then helped some a friends (while is costume as a pirate) float 2 kegs. Steve and I absolutely ruled the Baruit table as well. Iceman and Maverick went down many, many times. It was a great hootin nanny.
For those of you who don't know there are three levels of party. You have, in order of least to greatest, a "get-together", a "shindig", and a "hootin nanny". This was definitely a "hootin nanny". Even though the music selection was not that great. Which brings me to my next point . The music would have been better if they had played songs by today's Band of the Day: The Roots. I can not say enough good things about these guys. They are amazing. They are hip-hop, r and b, a little rock, and a whole lot of fat man with a fro. The fro-havin' fat man is none other than ?uestlove. The drummer and musical foundation of the group. He is on my list, with Jon Fishman and John Bonham, of personal heroes. If you live under a rock and do not know about the Roots. Check-em' out today. Until tomorrow (and this time I mean it)...~bs!

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