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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Big ups and shout outs...

I would like to start off today by giving big ups to my comment posting compatriot Alison. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and correcting me when I forget the name of a song that I like. What would I do without you. Not only is Ali a grammatical wiz and insightful commenter, but recently her blog (see the "Wide World of Blogs") had a post about the rules for rock audiences that was riotously funny. I strongly recommend checking it out. I am once again killing time in the dungeon that is my office by downloading and checking out the wide world of music that is out there. Unfortunately in my travels I come across a lot of absolute junk. However I do run into some pretty cool new things or things that I just forgot about. The only thing better than new music is music you have always had and you rediscover, it's like Christmas everyday. Speaking of music...
For today's Band of the Day we venture back to the early 1990's and to a little state called Illinois. Today's Band of the Day is Uncle Tupelo. When UT released there first album "No Depression" they kicked off a new sub genre. Call it Americana, call it Roots-Rock, I like Aside from the Man in Black I do not like country. However when these guys started mixing punk sensibilities with a little twang, suddenly it was not so bad. On top of that "No Depression" turned into the name of the genre fan club and then became a pretty decent music rag for the genre that still is published today. Sounds like these guys did a lot right, that's not even the half of it. When UT broke up Son Volt was formed by Jay Farrar and Wilco was formed by Jeff Tweedy. That's right kids the band who's crazy experimental album topped everyone's top ten for 2002 got it's start a little twangier (that is so not a word). My favorite tracks for the band are: "The Long Cut", "Anodyne", and "Whiskey Bottle". My favorite album is definitely "Anodyne". Next time you feel like a little twang will still rockin' it DIY, check out Uncle Tupelo.

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