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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Guilty Pleasures

Two posts in one day! I must be really getting into this whole blogging thing. I do, however, have an explanation. You see I picture myself as circa 1962 feature writer for your hometown paper who drowns himself in whiskey at the local pub on 3rd and Chestnut while brainstorming about his next feature topic. The other day I was brainstorming, not so much in a whiskey haze as in my car, and I came up with a lot of good ideas for posts. With Christmas and book and movie reviews getting in the way I have not had time to blog about them. So I have decided to hell with it, I am posting this anyway. I kinda got this idea from Group Hug when I saw their motto: "The only people who really know me are about a million strangers". Now I have to be somewhat modest and assume that very few if any strangers read my blog (Spread the Word!) and that my dear friends are the only ones who come here to either enjoy my ramblings or silently mock me. One thing I really do enjoy about the whole blogging process is comments. I have decided that I wanted to write a post about my guilty pleasures in hopes that others with comment and either anonymously or proudly post theirs as well. Sounds fun to me. Most of you already know my number one guilty pleasure: Dawson's Creek. Or in a broader sense, the WB in general. Now don't get me wrong, I am no Sabrina or Rita fan. However I have been known to watch an episode or two of Everwood, Smallville, or dare it say it Gilmore Girls (dude, Lorelei is hot). I guess there is just something wrong in my head that I drawn to cheesy teenage shows, but God damn it they are entertaining. Now I know the normal thing to do is step back and say that they are only entertaining because the girls are hot, which is true. But I will go one step further and admit some of the plots are even good too. I know, I know, I have stepped over the line on this one. But in the name of journalistic integrity it must be done. See, I have gone out on a limb and shared my deep, dark secrets. Time for you all to play along. It is way more fun if we all mock each other. Beeler, Jon from Boston, I expect comments from both of you. If you want to extend the fun go to Google and search for "Guilty Pleasures", apparently I am not the first to blog about it. Please enjoy the communal mocking, God knows I will. Also on a completely unrelated note the picture for this post is from a man named Hugh Macleod who does art on the back of business cards. You can find more at his site Gaping Void. You can also expect a fresh new card posted every week. Until tomorrow, or later today, have fun confessing your deep dark secrets to my alter ego, Father O'Flanagan. B

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