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Friday, January 09, 2004

Proof that GW hates YOU!

This is so good, I could not have made it up if I tried. If there is one thing that I enjoy, it is watching the republicans do what they do best, playa hate. I know that many of you who read my blog listen to NPR, drive Volvos or similar cars, and vainly or not consider yourself part of the cultural elite. I now have proof that republicans, and especially old people, HATE YOU! Being the leftist pinko commie that I am, I subscribed to the Howard Dean email newsletter. Today the newsletter brought to light an anti-Dean ad that is running in Iowa right now. The ad is sponsored by The Club for Growth. Or as I call them, The Club of Fascist Fucks. Go to their site and watch the crazy old people in ad talk about Howard Dean. I will give you a few minutes, go check it out then come back for the discussion (read as me ranting).

Ok. Now that you are back, let's discuss this. First off let's start with "tax-hiking", a valid political argument, unsoundly based on the republican "fact" that all taxes are bad, but at least it is politically based. Next, "government-expanding", because Bush didn't create a whole new agency full of new red tape or anything. Enough said. Now the fun starts with "latte-drinking". Last I checked choice of caffeinated beverage had nothing to do with politics, but at least now we see where this is going. Even though Starbucks is evil, now if you drink French coffee drinks you might as well piss on the flag. Bring on the hate with "sushi-eating, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving" and my personal favorite: "left-wing freak show". Wow. Let's go down a list of things that make you a bad person: being a jap, driving a safe but expensive foreign car, being literate, having a tongue, lip, nose, eyebrow, or ear ring, and liking movies. I had no idea we were so evil. I mean while the crazy fascists are at it the might as well throw in "nigger-loving". That's right, I said it. This absolutely amazed me, but not as much as what I read next. The president of this group last month made the following statement: "What we're trying to show is Dean is supported by the cultural elite and not by anyone with middle-American values and finances." Personally I would want my country run by the cultural elite than by people who use "middle-American" values in place of bigotry. Bring back the Philosopher Kings and Warrior Poets.
When I see things like this, after the initial humor has subsided I left with a profound sense of fear and dread. It sounds so much like they have to be fucking kidding, that when you find out they are serious you can't believe it. Trust me, believe it. These people hate you. They want to crush your way of life, and for that matter all ways of life, except the one they decide. Election time is starting to heat up and this is the first, definitely not the last, time you will hear me say this: For the love of god, VOTE! Don't let these backwards fucks run our lives. Let me know what you think and your reactions. B

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