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Monday, February 16, 2004

Bloggin' Cajun Style: Surviving Bourbon Street and the Aftermath...

I am back home in Indy after my short excursion to the Big Easy. For those of you who don't know, I was down there for a training class for work. I left Wednesday at noon at got back to town on Saturday at 5:00 in the afternoon. I maybe slept eight hours on the entire trip. When we last left our hero (me), he was about to venture to the French Quarter for the first time...

I met a guy from class at his hotel which was a block from Bourbon Street. He had been there before so he decided to show me around. We walked up and down Bourbon so I could check it out. I saw it all. The movies and television at best understate the party here. I thought people in Vegas knew how to party. Sin City has nothin' on the Big Easy. It is all true. It rained beads and large groups of people gathered around drunk topless women. I even saw the camera crew from Girls Gone Wild. If you look close you may see me in the background. There were all kinds. I saw your typical drunk frat boys, little kids, old couples, and my favorite: old business men in suits with girls a third their age in orange mohair miniskirts. Yeah pops you didn't pay her my ass. I was in shock and awe. We cruised around a little and decided we were thirsty. We went into the Howl at the Moon piano bar. Aside from drinks being a little expensive, it was a fun place. We heard all kinds of typical piano bar fair as well as stuff I did not expect like "Old McDonald" with a farm near a nuclear power plant and lisping snakes, narcoleptic pigs, and Turets Syndrome chickens. They also did a surprising good rendition of "Hey Ya!". That was a real treat. So after hanging out there and getting rock star drunk I caught a cab back to my haunted abode. I did not see any ghosts per say but there were creepy noises and rattling. I did walk through Lafayette cemetery Number 1 at night and that was super creepy. It is the cemetery that is in Interview with a Vampire. The next day I had class again and then back down to Bourbon for more of the same. That place is one hell of a party. There is even talk of going back this weekend. I have done Vegas and now Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras wins hands down. I will be returning for sure. Some things I have learned this week include: Never swim in fresh water in Alabama; If a young child bets you a dollar that he knows where you got your shoes you say "On my feet"; and don't walk too far down Bourbon Street if you are not a transvestite. All in all a great time and I even got to finish Don DeLillo's White Noise, look for a BlogCritics review soon. Also look for a picture post soon. B.

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